KMA Memorial Scholarship Program

The KMA Foundation offers high school seniors the opportunity to apply for the Kaela Marie Archambault Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships are available in select high schools.

Application by School

How To Apply?

  • High School students must be a senior
  • Committed to attending a college in the state of Missouri
  • Planning to pursue a career in Nursing/Children’s Medical Field, Childcare Field, or Education
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Be able to indicate how you have made a positive difference in awareness for yourself and others when it comes to driving safely

KMA Scholarship Recipients


Eureka High School Brynne Fornwalt
Eureka High School Braden Leuthauser
Northwest High School Lauren Schuette
Pacific High School Danielle Uttech
Rockwood Summit High School Allie Seymour
St. Clair High School Paul A. Martin
St. Clair High School Peyton Elliott


Eureka High School Emma Petry
Northwest High School Hannah Elizabeth Kalettoo
Rockwood Summit High School Victoria Tori Burlison
St. Clair High School Tori Cordia


Eureka High School Haylee Capstick
Pacific High School Madison Bastean
Rockwood Summit High School Samantha Hejnal
Rockwood Summit High School Lauren Peters
St. Clair High School Sarah Hinson


Eureka High School Macy Lauren Brooks
Eureka High School Adam Yancey
Northwest High School Courtney Portell
Pacific High School Katie McDonald


Eureka High School Kelsey Welton


Eureka High School Katie Grimshaw


Eureka High School Jaclyn Kettenacker